Partnership Info

We  Our Partners

Here are the types of small businesses we are looking to partner with:

Digital Media Creators
Tech Startups
Troubleshooting & Repair

Here’s what we can offer our partners:

Exposure From Our Membership Base
Shop or Office Space
A Physical and Web Retail Space
Exposure From Our Collective Web Presencee
Large Event Hosting
Education on How to Run Your Business
Assistance With Branding & Marketing
Financial Consulting
Collaboration With Us & Our Other Partners

We offer many of these services for no charge or without contract, we just want to see your business succeed with ours. We love having partners at any stage of their professional range. You could be just beginning, or a seasoned pro, we just want to get you what you need and collaborate!

For More Information about becoming a partner

You Can Call:(541) 209-6424
Or Complete this form and we will get right back to you!